Concept Development - Print Design & Production - Digital Campaign / Visual Asset Management - Vendor Management
In 2018, 851.575 accommodation properties won the Guest Review Awards. This year's design is en evolution of the design in 2017, trying to elevate the experience and the quality of the award. This year's the concept is in line with the new partner brand promise Growing Together. The package intent is showcase the complexity and propagation of partnerships as well as it's only by complementing expertise that both the company and the partner achieve their goals.
The physical package includes a custom envelope, a congratulatory letter with localised text, an award certificate and a window sticker. The digital package contains two downloadable custom awards per winner, and all the necessary assets for the subsequent dedicated email marketing campaigns.
The package was conceived by creating a flow and consistency among all pieces and ensuring an alignment between the printers and substrates. Part of the design work also included creating a set of typographic rules valid for all elements and character sets on the winners database.
The social media reach of this campaign has been particularly successful this year with over 150.000 posts across Twitter and Instagram.
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