This is an Universidad de los Andes' project for El Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro de Bogota [most important theater festival in Latinamerica]. It was part of a participative space where the thoughts of the festival's visitors were received, curated and displayed. These messages were the answers for each of the four daily questions asked, which were specially designed to obtain funny and creative answers.
Each question was active for 90 minutes. At the end of each period, the answers were digitally "bottled" in real glass bottles with a tag RFID. Visitors can interact with the bottles when they are filled with their answers, so they can display them at the visualisation tables.
By the end of the 15 days of the Festival, we had a collection of 60 stories (bottles) with all the wisdom from people to be watched again anytime.
The message input stations were built using Processing and Wiring, so we could create a simple Adobe Flash interface to wirelessly take the message under curation and finally to be displayed. The input messages are stored in the MySQL database using PHP and AMFPHP.
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