Visual Curation and Asset Management
Click. is a thought leadership blog aimed to the's partner audience. One of the main characteristics of this website is the visual element. The homepage in particular, for example, is heavily picture led. To complement and reinforce the website’s aim of positioning as an authority in travel, the images need to be lively, true to life, engaging and authentic. 
I have selected and curated the imagery for Click. taking into consideration the topics and the overall look and target audience of the website. 
The photos are mostly focused on representing an abstract version of the general topic ultimately related to hospitality and travel. Except for some very special cases in which the the breakdown of the article allows to have more concrete pictures. I try to give a “human” feeling even though there may not be actual people on the photo (e.g a handwritten sign, a hand, something hand-built, a long exposure shot of people walking etc.)
In general I would describe the images as:
High in contrast
Travel focused
Not too busy (not too many elements, not typographic elements)
80% outdoors shots - neutral backgrounds (sky, water, desert, empty street)
If there’s people in them: they are not looking directly to the camera, most of the times not even their full face/body pictured. People should feel real, not model-y.
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