BuStop is an information design web platform made at Los Andes University Human Dimension Workshop. Inspired in Bogotá's mobility issues, the goal for this project was to help both citizens and foreigners use and locate themselves properly in the public transportation system. Bogotá has a huge urban bus network which is organised with route numbers, special colours or board naming places that are known mostly by people who have been making use of those services regularly, and who have become "experts" at it. The "non-experts" usually experience a lot trouble trying to make use of this, not so organised, yet massive transportation network.
The proposal involved information and interface design to give the proper information and guidance to choose the correct urban bus needed to get anywhere in the city, and offering the users the hints known by "the experts" in a matter of minutes.
This project was developed in collaboration with designers Carol Hernández and Juliana Gómez 
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